Enemy Of Science

“You normally make science as your source of knowledge and reasoning. But suddenly an article or a conversation of yours is found apparently opposing science and challenging the whole philosophy of science. It is a contradictory approach, isn’t it? Are you confused about what to be with? What should we call you? An enemy of science? Or supporter?”

This is what I received through email few days ago. It is too late that I am answering this question, since I was too busy taking my exams at the end of this semester.

It is better to clarify that I have been writing various articles regarding science, religion, and on the comparative existence of both in our current society.

The overall impression of mine on my religious cronies is not quite good, as they call me a pervert or a person with atheistic beliefs.

On the other hand, my atheist friends are no less than angry with me. as I oppose them, and challenge their “beliefs” either. To them, I am clearly an enemy of science.

Ask me what I really am? Am I an enemy or a supporter?

The answer is quite simple.

In our society, some people are religious; some are the supporters of science.  But people like me are the combination of both. Our sect accepts religion with its reasonable propositions as well as science with its logical explanations.

To me, blind beliefs, the fundamentalist approach in religion and lack of flexibility in beliefs are the things of contempt for me.

I am an atheist (or accused to be) whenever I refuse to accept illogical and so-called religious beliefs. I oppose them giving a rational explanation of phenomena that are mythically disguised. I rather ask myself why I should be defending the unreasonable faiths and beliefs that even my religion does not want me to.

I oppose science. Yes I do. But it is not that I hate science. It is just that I discourage the anti-religious behaviors. The behaviors of those meandering atheists who, by any means, want to attack the sacred feelings of religious community. They hurt them. They are the cause why people should hate science and oppose it. They promote their own mindset under the umbrella of science. This remains simply an unbearable behavior that I oppose. I oppose them and they call me an enemy of science?

I am a sincere student of science for years now. And to quench the thirst of knowledge, I humbly try to learn science. So, I must say that I can’t oppose science in any sense whatsoever.

So, I oppose each of the various persons who use science as a tool to hurt the feelings of people having strong emotional attachment with religion.

In past, science has done a lot on the subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Each of the theories coming into existence were the best explanations of their times.

Every era proud itself and criticized the one before it. Man has always counted the number of times he succeeded and failures of the one before him.

This is a consistent phenomenon and there is no end to it. Every success has eventually proved to be quite relative, and the better versions of truth have been waiting for us since forever.

The absolutism and claims of absolute knowledge, in this case, is quite alien. Then, I ask them not to create absolute beliefs on relative knowledge you get here.

My optimism allows me only to say that we are on the first step of the progress. The last step is infinitely far away from us.

We have only learnt to “USE” some of the infinite number of phenomena in the universe. The nature of these phenomena is still an unanswered question.

We know what Gravity does. Because, Newton explains it. But it is still insufficient. Einstein also explains the same phenomenon. One phenomenon, two explanations. Yet another explanation is awaited.

We know what magnetism is. But we don’t know what provides it the force that does not equally weakens after working on attracting or repelling an object? There is no logical or satisfying answer we have for that.

For centuries, we have debated light to be wave or particle. And somehow, it finalized that light behaves both ways i.e. wave as well as particle depending on the condition of the experiment. Then, the labyrinths quantum mechanics start. And we cannot yet settle the real nature of light.

Despite all these weaknesses, some people use science to play with the religious beliefs and feelings of a common man. They use it to mock the religious attachments of millions of people out there. I count the weaknesses of science just make them aware of relativeness of science. So that they don’t brag anymore. So that they don’t use science for consolidating their personal beliefs.

And if you really want to call me an enemy….then be it.


Muzammil Shaikh Bismil

Muzammil is a young writer, philosopher, and bears a thoughtful personality. Do benefit from his understanding of the nature of things.

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