How To Set up Custom Domain On Blogger

Blogger.Com is truly the best and most used free blog service of the entire online globe. It provides you with so many remarkable features that other blog services don’t. Besides other features, a free custom domain setup is one of the best specialities of Blogger-hosted blogs that bears a great importance. It means that you can change your default blogger address from to without paying a single penny. WordPress.Com, on other hand, charges you $13.00 for a custom domain setup.

So, if you use a Blogger blog, you can easily setup custom domain on blogger following the simple steps below.

Proceeding To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger

Before starting the setup, you need to ensure the requirements. Make sure that you possess a custom domain name as or .net, .info or whatever domain you may have.

You are required to have access to the admin panel of your domain for modifying your domain DNS or CNAME. If you haven’t already bought a top-level domain, just buy one or you can also Register a Free Top-Level Domain Name.

Go To Your Blogger Account & Do The Rest

This is the major step.

  • Just login to your Blogger.Com Account and navigate to the blog you want to setup custom domain for.
  • After logging in, just scroll down, navigate to your blog “Settings” > “Basic” as shown in the screenshot.

  • There are several option here, you may just go to “Publishing” and under your blog’s default Address, click the “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog”, in order to Point your own registered URL to your blog.

  • Add your Custom Domain Address here, and note down the information you are asked to configure. These are two CNAME records, which will be added in your domain DNS settings.

Custom Domain On Blogger

Note: Blogger Blogs can only be hosted on subdomains (e.g. In order to avoid the ugliness, you can setup your blog address as But you cannot setup your blogger blog at “”. So just enter as mentioned.

Go To Your Domain Admin Panel and CNAMEs

Once you have done with the above mentioned step,

  • Go to your Domain Admin panel.
  • Navigate to DNS Management Zone
  • Add two CNAMEs as guided by Blogger.Com.
  • Save Settings.

  • Go To Blogger.Com Again.
  • Save your Settings and You are done now.

Note: CNAME (DNS) modification may take sometimes. It may take a couple of hours in some cases. Most of the times it takes about ten minutes for becoming effective. So just be patient if Blogger gives error. Once the CNAMEs are effective, you may enter your custom domain on blogger and save the settings

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