Success has become a slick and catchy slogan in contemporary world. Today, everyone wants to be successful in his respective sphere of life.

Primarily, we should know the factors that go in the building of true success. If we take in depth overview, we could comprehend that success differs from person to person. For one, health is success for other wealth is success. Some are chasing behind fame while some for name. For many, honour is ultimate climax of success on the other hand for many power is its zenith.
But all these things aren’t true yardstick of success. Because they only touch the fringe and circumference of life. They don’t go the depths within. A man may have all these and yet he may be intellectually barren, emotionally unbalanced and spiritually sterile.
So the bottom line may be suchlike, ‘Success is not an external phenomenon but internal one. ‘This implies that peace of mind, pure soul and contentment of heart are true elements of success that all goes hand in hand.
This will be achieved when man ponders on the fact that he is the tiniest part of God’s creation. Only God, our Maker, is well-acquainted with the source of contentment, serenity & tranquility for us. For that we have to turn towards our creator. The hearts shall, then & only then, be filled with the peace and tranquility for which they are longing. I read an Urdu quote somewhere which too perfectly describes the sum and substance of success. I tried to translate it in English as,
“Just like Tartar gazelle who wanders in search of scent of Musk here & there in the jungle albeit unaware of the fact that Musk is placed in her own navel.
This same applies to human, he tries to look out for success, joy and happiness in external world without realizing that that treasure had been conceived in his own heart.”

To unlock the case or box of that hidden treasure, a key of remembrance of our Creator is needed. That is what Allah says in the glorious Qur’an:
Verily, in the remembrance of Allah hearts do find peace and satisfaction.
(Ar-R’ad 13:28)
A thought of success without remembrance of Allah, is like honey bereft of sweetness, a rose bereft of fragrance and a death bereft of a pleasant afterlife. To make a long story short, his life is a shell with no kernel!

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